Citywide clean-up to be twice as nice

By Bonnie Seymour

News Star Reporter

The Town of Maysville has hosted a city wide clean-up in the month of April for as long as anyone can remember, and now Mayor Bryson Tate and the Board of Trustees are adding to that with a fall trash-off, set for Saturday, September 26.

The Trustees gave the new event all ‘yes’ votes at their regular meeting held Monday, August 17, with Tate’s hope being this will give citizens of the Town a chance to clear away their summer trash.

Tate hopes with the date being late enough in the season that farmers will bring their tractors into to Town and help, like they do with the spring event and is also making a new addition to the fall event.

“If people want to pile their brush at the curb that weekend, I will dedicate the Town employees to picking it up that Monday and Tuesday,” Tate decided at the meeting.

Trustee Cathy Nobles voiced concerned about the walking trail area, as there were two separate items on the agenda; one for a citywide and one specifically for the walking trail but Tate decided that one clean-up was enough.

“If people are concerned with the walking trail, send them that way. If people are concerned with the cemetery, send them that way.  If people are concerned with the trash in the streets, send them that way,” voiced Tate.

“It will be a citywide clean-up, just like the one in April, not just for the walking trail,” Tate went on.

Like the spring event, roll offs will also be provided for use by the citizens.

“We need mowers, weed eaters, and encouragement,” Nobles said after the Trustees vote was in the books.

Also at the meeting, Trustee Debra Degering has continued her venture to get some sort of summer water fun back into the town, be it via the pool or through a splash pad for the areas smaller residents.

Recently a representative from Paddock Enterprises assessed the state of the Town’s pool and decided that it would cost around $600,000 to fix the ailing area, a number that was shocking to all involved.

Degering stated that she is an eternal optimist and is thinking “outside the box” on her either/or project.

According to Degering, two different renderings for splash pads will be available soon, both possibilities costing around $100,000.

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