Elmore City workers putting brush aside

By Bonnie Seymour

News Star Reporter

As of late, workers in Elmore City have been spending a substantial amount of time, anywhere from three to five days a month, picking up and disposing of brush and tree limbs piled at the edge of the street. That number had been twice a year.

“We spend a lot of time on brush and it is limiting us from doing other things,” said Water Superintendent Paul Martin at the regular city council meeting Tuesday, August 4.

These courtesy pick-ups of brush are taking city employees away from other projects, like getting the new water plant up and running and fixing minor leaks.

Martin and the rest of his crew have continued to pick up the brush and limbs simply because it is unsightly and the torrential rains earlier this season have left some with messes that still need cleaning, but while the employees are willing to help, it is time to put the responsibility back in the hands of the property owners.

“Doesn’t this fall under the ordinance that they must keep up their own land and area?” asked Martin.

City Clerk Pam Helvey informed him that it in fact, did.

The City does provide an area for citizens to dump brush and limbs for removal purposes and asks that citizens take advantage of this and not pile debris at the curb for pick up.

The City also plans on putting together a newsletter to update citizens on ordinance changes and other important or useful information.

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