Funflicks to hit EC Fall Fest

By Bonnie Seymour

News Star Reporter

The Elmore City Chamber of Commerce plans on changing up their Saturday, October 24 Fall Fest activities this year, with the addition of a free outdoor movie for community members to enjoy.

Cities like Oklahoma City and Norman do activities like this during the summer, but the Chamber decided to do it in the cooler month of October for multiple reasons.

“It’ll be a lot cooler and it will get dark earlier,” said Skeet Luster, Chamber member.

Chamber Vice President Jasmine Tadlock has collected $200 in donations for the event, which they plan to hold on the practice football field, and the Chamber will be chipping in the rest of the balance for the 18 foot screen, though Tadlock has bigger dreams for the event.

“If I get more donations, can I have permission to rent the 25 foot screen? Only if I get the donations,” said Tadlock to the amused group.

If all goes as planned, the Chamber hopes to have a concession stand and hopes that many citizens come out with their chairs and blankets to enjoy the community event.

“We just want to do something fun for the community and if it’s a hit, let’s have some more fun,” said Tadlock.

If the Funflicks movie goes well, the Chamber may expand on it in the future.

The company that is being used will reschedule for bad weather.

In addition to the free outdoor movie, the Chamber will still be doing bingo in the community building as they have in previous years.

The Chamber is also revisiting an idea they had discussed a couple years ago; new “Welcome to Elmore City” signs in all directions.

“We have the okay from all the landowners. We just need someone to build them and prices for the city council,” said Tom Luster.

Construction would be simple with bricks around the bottom and metal signs.

The Chamber plans to follow up next month with ideas and pricing, suggesting that members take pictures of signs they like to help the brainstorming process.

“I had a truck driver come into the store the other day and he said ‘I’m looking for Elmore City, but all I see is Lusters’,” laughed Skeet, emphasizing the need for new welcome signs for the community.

The next meeting of the Elmore City Chamber of Commerce will be held Monday, August 17, at noon inside the community building.

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