Main Street program coming to an end

By Jeff Shultz


For two years the Main Street Pauls Valley program has been struggling to survive. As of Wednesday, the remaining MSPV board members pulled the plug on the program.

“This was probably the hardest decision we’ve had to make,” MSPV Board President Jesse Alvarado told the News Star.

Alvarado said there were several factors in the MSPV Board’s decision to dissolve the program, but the biggest was lack of support from the City of Pauls Valley and the community in general.

“Actually, the program died two years ago when the city pulled its funding,” Alvarado said, noting the Pauls Valley program is the only one in the state of Oklahoma not receiving municipal funding.

The only funding MSPV received from the city was payments for various promotional videos produced the Main Street for Pauls Valley.

“That just wasn’t going to cut it,” he added.

Another factor in MSPV’s demise was the dwindling board members and Main Street members in general.

“We haven’t been able to get any new board members. We haven’t been able to fill board member openings for quite some time now,” he said.

Also, the program’s deteriorating operational funds was another factor in the board’s decision, Alvarado said.

MSPV does have a $70,000 endowment fund that could be used for operational funds, but board members decided it wouldn’t be enough.

“We looked at cashing in the endowment fund, but we decided it would buy us at least two years of operations and then we’d be in the same boat we’re in now,” he said.

Instead, the board will cash the endowment fund and divide the money among various local charities in Pauls Valley such as the Samaritans.

“We’ll be meeting here soon to decide who will get the money and how much they will receive,” he noted.

For more than a decade MSPV has been the sponsoring organization for Brickfest, an annual festival held in May of each year.

Brickfest, however, has been moved around for the past two years and was scheduled for this fall.

“We will be turning Brickfest over to the city,” Alvarado said. “I don’t know what they will do with it now.”

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