Names of warrant sweep arrests released

By Jeff Shultz


Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes has released the names of those arrested earlier this week during a two-day warrant sweep conducted by his office.

The list also includes the names of individuals who were not on his warrant list, but were arrested during the warrant sweep for drug related charges and obstructing an officer while making an arrest during the warrant sweep.

Those arrested during the warrant sweep were:

Brown, Antoine, 26

Brumley, Carrie, 33

Ward, Anita, 35

Snelgrooes, Kristie, 37

Summers, Jeff, 42

Torres, Joshua, 22

Story, Marnett, 44

Phillips, Davey, 45

Preast, Kenneth, 30

Webb, Mary, 32

Flowers, Johnny, 35

Strong, Beverly, 57

Bernard, Danny, 55

Webb, Johnny, 58

Jones, Corey, 21

Howard, William, 19

Brakefield, Sherry, 36


Others arrested / Not on warrant list:

Nanny, Billy, 57, Poss of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute

Howard, Bobby, 20, Obstricting Officer

Mercer, Mariah, 19, Obstructing Officer

Major, Lawrence, 32, Poss of CDS/Meth

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