Drug investigation nets three PV arrests by Sheriff’s Office

Two people have been charged in Garvin County following a search warrant served by the Garvin County Sheriff’s Office on June 21, 2012.

Racheal Dawn Earnest Chapman, age 24 and Garland Toby Gene Chapman, age 24, both of Pauls Valley, were booked into jail on August 8, 2012 on drug related charges.

Both live at a residence in the 500 block of S. Walnut in Pauls Valley where a complaint of suspected drug sales and usage was brought to the attention of Sheriff Larry Rhodes during the week of June 18, 2012.

During investigation of the complaint, Jerry Charles Miles, age 24, Pauls Valley, was arrested for Possession of Marijuana After Former Conviction.

Following his arrest, a search warrant was executed at the residence where marijuana and drug paraphernalia was found.

On July 9, 2012 charges were presented to the Garvin County District Attorney’s Office based on the narcotics investigation.

On August 7, arrest warrants were issued for the couple on the charges of Possession of CDS in the Presence of a Minor Child and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Racheal Dawn Chapman was arrested on the same date the warrant was issued and shortly afterward Toby Gene Chapman turned himself after contacting a local bail bondsman.

The Chapmans posted appearance bonds within hours of their arrests.  The Chapmans were arraigned on August 8.

Miles is awaiting a September court date on his charge.

Sheriff Rhodes hopes his investigation and the three arrests will curtail what was believed to be obvious and open drug activity at the residence in Pauls Valley, which is close to a public park and several businesses.

“The search warrant that we executed was a direct result of several things coming together in a short time period leading authorities to believe probable cause existed that drugs were present at the address,” Rhodes stated.

The Sheriff’s Office requests citizens observing what they believe is drug activity to report the information to their local law enforcement agency, the Garvin County Sheriff’s Office or Garvin County Crime Stoppers.

Anyone needing information about the harmful effects of illegal substance abuse can come by the Garvin County Sheriff’s Office during regular business hours or by contacting a deputy sheriff.

Several local businesses have partnered with the sheriff’s office and generously sponsored a very informative booklet titled Let’s All Work To Fight Drug Abuse that is now available.

Suspect in custody after bolting from court hearing

By Jeff Shultz



If there’s one thing Joshua Brown doesn’t want to do is go back to jail.

But that is exactly what happened Tuesday, August 14, when Brown bolted from a Garvin County Courtroom during a hearing on a misdemeanor charge.

According to Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes, Brown was appearing before Judge Trish Misak on a misdemeanor charge of unlawful use of a credit card.

Brown was already out of jail on a $1,000 bond for an earlier charge and Misak was considering revoking that bond, which would have sent Brown back to jail.

“Once he realized he was going to go back to jail, he ran,” Rhodes told the News Star on Tuesday.

Brown escaped from the courthouse but was later captured by Pauls Valley Police officers a few blocks east of the courthouse.

Once he was brought back to the courthouse, he had to finish his appearance before Judge Misak, who then slapped Brown with a $250,000 bond for contempt of court when he bolted from the earlier hearing.

“He went from a $1,000 bond to a $250,000 bond in a short amount of time,” Rhodes added. “He’ll for sure be spending some time in jail now.”

Plans coming together for Wiley Post Festival

Remote controlled planes at last year’s festival. (News Star archive photo)

By Lindsey Temple 

News Star Reporter


Residents of Maysville are gearing up for another annual Wiley Post Festival on September 8, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with music and entertainment after 4 p.m.

Maysville Librarian, Janet Dinwiddie, is heading up the event for the first year and is excited about the upcoming festival.

“I can’t wait for it all to come together. I’m so excited,” said Dinwiddie.

The festival will begin with an opening speech by State Representative, Lisa Billy.

The festival will last all day, with a silent pie and cake auction, events like balloon toss and water games for the kids and karaoke and live music.

A collection of remote control aircrafts will be displayed, capturing the true spirit of Wiley Post, famed American aviator and the first pilot to fly solo around the world.

There are tentative plans for breakfast and lunch to be provided by city entities along with a car show and much more.

T-shirts for the upcoming festival can be preordered at the Maysville Library.

For more information or to be a part of this year’s Wiley Post Festival, call Janet Dinwiddie at 405-867-4748.

BREAKING NEWS: EC man arrested on murder complaint

According to broadcast reports, the OSBI has arrested an Elmore City man on the suspicion he killed his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend and dismembered his body, disposing the remains in his pond.

Justin Hammer, 30, was arrested early Thursday morning by the OSBI.

Hammer’s arrest came after the OSBI received a tip Wednesday night after a witness told authorities about the alleged murder.

According to the witness, Hammer allegedly shot the man the night before, cut up his body in pieces and placed the body parts in numerous five-gallon buckets that were filled with cement.

The News Star will have more details as they become available.

Wildfires plague the state

A tanker truck from one of the many county fire departments makes its way toward the flames and rising smoke at the grassfire on Friday, August 3, just south of Maysville. The fire was started by sparks from a hay baler and burned around 80-90 acres. (News Star photo by Doug Strickland)

By Jeff Shultz



Garvin County firefighters were out in force last Friday, August 3, battling a large grassfire south of Maysville.

Sparks from a hay baler, according to Rush Creek Fire Chief Richard McCarty, started the fire.

“I would say the fire burned up around 80-90 acres,” McCarty told the News Star.

The fire was located about a mile and one-half east of State Highway 74 and took firefighters from several departments around five hours to get under control.

“I know that Maysville was going out to the area to check on hot spots two or three times Friday night and Saturday morning,” McCarty said.

High winds and low humidity made the fire worse for firefighters, McCarty added.

Firefighters had to battle the blaze in triple digit temperatures, further hampering their efforts.

Firefighters from Wynnewood take a short rest while battling a blaze south of Maysville last Friday, August 3. (News Star photo by Doug Strickland)

Meanwhile, area firefighters were also busy coming to the aid of other area fire departments as wildfires were rampant this past weekend.

In neighboring Grady County approximately 9,600 acres burned up in a large wildfire near Ninnekah, which had to be evacuated at one time during the blaze.

In the Slaughterville/Noble area 7,900 acres were destroyed due to a wildfire that started Friday afternoon.

A wildfire strike force from Garvin County aided in battling that blaze as well as a grassfire near Thunderbird Casino east of Norman, which caused the evacuation of the casino and Highway 9 being temporarily closed.

National Guard Helicopters were also used to battle both blazes.

The Oklahoma Emergency Management (OEM) reported one death as a result of the Norman fire.

OEM officials reported Monday that over 103,000 acres statewide were destroyed as a result of wildfires since last Friday.

A statewide Burn Ban is in effect. This ban, issued by Gov. Mary Fallin on Friday, supersedes all county burn bans currently in place and remains in place until conditions improve and it is removed by the Governor.

Garvin County residents come together to aid local heroes

Paige Moore and Ashlynn Hall sit on top of a pallet of water donated to the Paoli Volunteer Fire department this past weekend.

By Susan Stone

And Jeff Shultz


This past weekend our state has been ravaged by wildfires with many volunteer firefighters from Garvin County answered when duty called.

They left their families and paying jobs to help battle the raging wildfires in temperatures well above 100 degrees.

Firefighters were in desperate need of water and Gatorade so the call was put out for donations and Garvin County residents responded in a huge way.

A call by the Red Cross and the News Star for water and Gatorade donations was made Friday night as county firefighters battled a large grassfire south of Maysville.

Donations of both liquids starting pouring into Papa’s Trading Company in Maysville and the Cash and Carry in Elmore City as a result of the call for help.

Several fire departments in the county also reported donations of water and Gatorade being dropped off at their stations.

Young and old alike joined in the effort.

In Maysville, six-year old Ashlynn Hall proved that everyone can help no matter how old or young you may be.

Hall and her family were on their way to Andy Alligator Water Park in Oklahoma City when she heard a commercial on the radio asking people to donate water and Gatorade to firefighters.

“She said momma we need to get some water for the firefighters,” said Ashlynn’s mom, Dawnisha.

Instead of going to popular water park they went and bought a pallet of bottled water and 11 cases of Gatorade to donate.

“Ashlynn decided she wanted to donate the water to Paoli Volunteer Fire Department because she had gone to daycare with the daughter of Paoli’s Fire Chief about a year and a half ago,” explained Dawnisha.

Paoli Fire Chief Donald Moore did not forget the gesture.

“We are very appreciative of Ashlynn’s donation,” said Moore. “The out pouring of support has been great all together we have had almost two pallets of water donated. Until we get some rain the fire danger is still very high.”

Moore went on to encourage people to donate items to the victims of the wildfires.

Garvin County Red Cross Director Angilee Wright said any and all donations of water or Gatorade should be taken to each community’s fire stations.

Rush Creek Fire Chief Richard McCarty said when firefighters are battling a wildfire in such hot temperatures; bags of ice are also needed to cool down the water and Gatorade quickly.

“When we’re out there fighting a fire in 100 plus weather, we tend to run out of ice faster than anything,” McCarty said.


Creach ready to bring new face to PV Tourism

New Pauls Valley Tourism Director Erin Creach looks over Tuesday night’s Tourism Board agenda. Creach officially started the job on Monday. (News Star photo by Lindsey Temple)

By Lindsey Temple

News Star Reporter


With deep roots in the Pauls Valley area, Pauls Valley’s new Tourism Director, Erin Creach, has a passion for the community that shines through.

In recent months the city of Pauls Valley has made the decision to hire a new Tourism Director in an effort to give the city government more centralized control in the matter of tourism and economic development.

Pulling funding from both Main Street Pauls Valley and The Pauls Valley Chamber of Commerce allowed city management to afford a full time salary employee for the position.

Creach graduated from Pauls Valley High School in 1998 and in 2003 graduated from East Central University with degree in business and mass communications with a focus on public relations.

Before accepting her new position, Creach was a territory sales director for Pepsi for five years.

According to Creach, it was a need to be part of something bigger, something she could make a difference in, which prompted her to apply for the newly formed position.

“I feel as though I could really feel an effect of my work here. Pauls Valley has a lot to offer, I could really make a difference here,” said Creach.

Creach remembers attending Brickfest as a little girl with her family and is looking forward to helping with such events and working with organizations like MSPV or the PV Chamber.

“I’m very excited to meet all those on the forefront of tourism in Pauls Valley – Samantha Robb, Della Wilson and Kevin Stark. I think we can all work together to maximize what Pauls Valley has to offer,” explained Creach.

According to Creach, she is also looking forward to her future involvement with the Pauls Valley Tourism Board.

“Eventually, I plan to have a big presence with the board,” said Creach.

Creach hopes to improve Pauls Valley’s web presence, while boosting community involvement with regular events that not only bring people to Pauls Valley but also encourage area residents to come and enjoy what their town has to offer.

“I really want to create once a month events for Pauls Valley, wholesome family fun events that everyone can enjoy,” said Creach.

While Creach has no present plans on economic development she is excited about things to come.

“Economic development is a very important part of Pauls Valley. There have been some wonderful proposals presented and there are exciting things to come. It’s a work in progress,” explained Creach.

Creach lives in Wynnewood with her husband and four-year old daughter and is looking forward to making the Pauls Valley area something all families can enjoy.

ECP Schools Get New Counselor

By Sarah Combes

News Star Reporter


As the days are ticking away until the new school, the new Elmore City- Pernell High School counselor is settling in and getting ready to start the new year.

Todd Ervin was hired as the counselor at ECP schools earlier this year.   He brings a lot of experience to ECP as this will be his 20th year as a school counselor and his 27th year in education.

Ervin was born in England and raised in Asia. He moved to Oklahoma when he was a teenager.

Ervin graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from UCO in 1983, a Master’s Degree from SWOSU in 1990, and a second Master’s Degree in 2010 from ECU.

“I want to help the students with the transition into post secondary education,” Ervin stated when asked about the services he intends to provide the school.

Ervin expects to speak with Jackie Don Sadler, principal, about the class schedule at the school.

“It wouldn’t be right for me to come in here and just start changing things without any consent. Although, I do expect to try and change some things if it will help the majority of the students here,” stated Ervin when asked about the scheduling.

Summer is coming to a close quickly.  The hallways will soon be filled with students as the ECP school year will begin on August 15, 2012.

Stratford churches making Back To School easier on parents, students

By Susan Stone

News Star Reporter


Life Point Church has been providing school supplies to Stratford school students for the past five years.

When the church first started the school supply give away the goal was to be able to provide for every student at Stratford.

“Every year we tried to give more and more and last year we felt like it was time to expand our giveaway,” Life Point Pastor Sean McKinney said.

That is exactly what they did, with the help of local businesses, this year parents of all Stratford School Students can mark off buying any school supplies for their children.

That’s right parents don’t have to worry about buying any supplies thanks to generous donations and support from Life Point Church, Oklahoma Heritage Bank, The Johnson Firm and Realty, Current Electric, Air Comfort and Stratford Public Schools. All supplies for grades Pre-K through 12th will be supplied.

And what’s better than free school supplies? Free back-to-school clothes.

The Stratford United Methodist Church will be offering gently used clothes for “Back-to-School” children at the church this Saturday, August 11 from 9 a.m. until 12:00 noon.

Titling the outreach “People Helping People in Christ,” ALL clothing will be offered free of charge for parents of school age children.

According to FUMC Pastor Charles Baumann, the clothes have already been washed and sized by loving members of the church. There is also a group of clothing for adults as well.

The clothes give away is for parents of Stratford and Vanoss school children.

“We are thrilled to be able to do this for our community and look for a huge response and other future opportunities to be used by God also,” Baumann said.

There will also be a second offering next Tuesday, August 14 at the church from 2:00 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. during school registration hours.


BREAKING NEWS: Firefighters in need of water


Please get the word out. If you live in Maysville/EC area please take donated water and/or Gatorade to Papas or Cash & Carry. Elsewhere in Garvin County please leave items at your local Fire Department. Again, thanks.

The News Star will keep you updated on the situation through text alerts, our web site and face book.
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