ROAD CLOSED: County officials urge residents to leave barricades alone

By Jeff Shultz


Garvin County officials are warning county residents to stop moving the barricades blocking off closed roads.

“It’s not only against the law, but can be dangerous to public safety,” said Garvin County District 2 Commissioner Shon Richardson.

Due to the recent heavy rains, several county roads have had to be closed due to either the roads being damaged or completely washed out.

Officials have barricaded all of the roads, but someone has been moving the barricades.

“I know it’s frustrating for some people living on those roads, but those barricades are there for a reason,” Richardson added, noting a mail carrier in his district has to drive 13-miles out of his way just to deliver mail to one residence on a closed road.

Richardson and District 1 County Commissioner Stan Spivey said the county is working with FEMA in getting the necessary funds to repair the damaged roads, but that process is a long one.

Garvin County Emergency Management Director Bud Ramming said the county could start setting up security cameras near the barricades if the problem persists.

“I’d hate for it to come to that,” Ramming said. “But we’ve got to make sure those barricades stay in place while we are waiting for the roads to be repaired.”

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